Thursday, 2 February 2012

Tyranids (2010)

This is my Nid army i started building when the 4th ed codex was out, when the 5th codex came out it killed the lists kick, they do ok but the lack of biomorphs you can do now have killed them. These have also been tucked away till something changes. I will try and get a fully complete pic up but the ones below are of them almost complete.


  1. First comment, Boom! Nice bro but I want to see more pics and from a less blurry camera :) are you useing a cell phone or something? Tell your missus that you need a new camera for taking photos of the kids, a canon G12 is all good chech this photo out
    Also more light!

    1. Would love one, they where take with bad light and bad camera. maybe you should come round and take some photos for me a boss. BBQ for the kids and that. C U at work.