Thursday, 2 February 2012

First Weatherd Loco Class 37 EWS

There are lots of weathering powders out there but i seams to always like painting with Gamesworkshop stuff and its always hard to get to the local hoby shop as its about an hour away and NZ prices for anything it to much i prefer importing. So i went and got some Forge World weathering powders price was good and it they did not work on my train i could try that out on my warhammer.

So first up my Class 37 EWS that i got of ebay for cheap due to the bad weathering job on it. This is a Rare model now and hard to come by so i jumpped the chance to get one. After a bit of nail polish remover i managed to get all the weathering off thanks to the last owner to sealing with a varnish :-)

So this is the before and after shots. Also this loco and since been converted to DCC sound also i will have a video up on my youtube channel soon with it running.

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