Saturday, 4 February 2012

Daddy and Ronon Day out 2/5/2012

Went out to the today one i have been wanting to goto for a while but weather has not been that good for a while. I was told to have a dad/son day with my son Ronon, so i though this would be a good chance. Its about the only Rail thing left in Auckland that me and my son have not done. I think all we have left now is the train into the witaks in Henderson and the trans at Motat. What i will save for another good day. This day out was better than expected sun was out when we got there it was bigger and there where more trains there than i thought. We had about 12 rides on different trains at only $2 a ride whats a deal Ronon loved it. There was about 10+ trains there that day with a mix of steam and diesel, even if you are not really into trains and have kids this could easy be a cheap family day out and alot of fun. 

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