Thursday, 2 February 2012

Class 31 EWS DCC sound conversion N Scale

 Hello all.

This post is going to show you how to convert a DC graham farish calls 31 to DCC sound. If you have any questions please just comment or email me.

First pull the whole model apart and just get the main chassis mark out the size of the decoder as we are going to need to do some cutting. Also note i use digitraxx SDN144PS these cost about $40US.

This is how it will look complete with the two sides together with the bit cut out of it. try and cut as deep as you can so when the decoder is placed there it is almost level with the rest of the chassis. Also at the same time solder on the wires to the motors and put the body back together when you are happy with how the decoder fit.

Next we need to grind out the inside of the windows to allow the speaker box to fit all the way to the roof. Also the same needs to be done on the other end so the decoder can fit in Next the side windows on the side where the box is going be needs to be removed and a piece of clear tape put in there place. Later we will use PVA glue to make new windows. This needs to be done due to the width of the speaker box. You need to use a speaker box so you can get good sound out of the 10mm speaker if you dont you wont be able to hear anything when running.

Next we need to put the speaker in the speaker box drill a small hole in the back for the wires to come out and sand down two side of the speaker till they fit nicely into the loco body.

Now we can fit the decoder onto the chassis and wire up the motor and tape the decoder down so it does not move. Also the Capacitor for the speaker needs to be glued under the decoder as shown, make sure you check the clearance on the bogies for free movement but you should have plenty of room.

Next we wire up the speaker give yourself a ok length of wire so the shell can be removed from the chassis if needed. And now wire up the main track power wires to the chassis, i drill wholes and use small screw to solder to i find this the easiest way than trying to cram wires between the body screws and they wont come lose and fall off.And then glue the speaker into the body.

Last but not least put the body on and make sure if fits nice. This loco is not complete still need to weather but i have given the model its matt base coat. Also i have PVA the windows so there is no hole there.

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