Friday, 17 February 2012

Battle Cry Day 1

Game 1:

Vs orks, good game over all very even though out draw with 4 VP each. Only cool thing with this game is a took out a Nob squad with my guardians Yay.

Out come Draw

9 Points so far. 5 for draw and 4 bonus points.

Game 2:

Vs Gray knights, Land raider with paladins and two take units not much else. This was objective based, it was a ok fight, he played them well but it all fell over for him when the paladins got killed with the D cannons. After that killed his two troop squads and won holding 1-0 objectives.

14 points. 10 for win and 4 bonus points

Games 3:

Vs Space wolfs, this was with a young blood Issac. Had a few games with him in the past his is getting better this was also a good game and he had a good list. 40 marines i had kill so he could not take the objectives. But i setup out of range of his Long fangs and wait for him to walk into my 24" kill range and kill 60% of his army in about 2-3 turns. A few noob mistakes but we all made them once 12hour days can really kill the brain on the last game. Good up and coming player watch out people.

14 points. 10 for win and 4 bonus points

Total day one > 37 out of total possible 45

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