Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Some New Trains

Hello All.

Just a small update, got my package from the UK today with two trains i have been waiting for. EWS class 08 shutter and a EWS Class 33. These Locos are both out of production now and were hard to come by. I can see why the class 08 cost me alot its one nice loco. The 33 is an old 5pole loco from UK graham farish so quite an old one. Dumped out the crappy 5pole chassis and put in a nice new Bachmann farish chassis in. An extra cost but its worth it for better running. The Class 08 is already a Bachmann farish model so it will run like a gem. Also i got my Class 47 EWS about two weeks back i have also done a Chassis swap on that as i hate the 5 pole motors that much.

Class 08

Class 33

Class 47

Pic below is the collection this far, top three on the left have been converted to dcc sound and weathered all others are waiting to be done. At $60US per decoder you can see the cost involved in converting. All i am missing now from the EWS branded locos that where ever produced in N Scale are all made by Dapol. They are a Class 58 Class 87 and Class 67, Only the 58 is rare at present as this is OOP,

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