Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Last week of Feb what have i been upto

Hello all.

Nothing much to relly update apart from some items i have come across. Firstly i got my Night spinner made up for my eldar to replace my falcon in my list. I also managed to score some Storm guardians in a big deal i made. The deal is i scored about 2k worth of items to sell and it had a few bits in there i was really after. Storm guardians for a start, GW dont sell this no more dont know why and they sold them in boxes of 8 what was dumb to. So i never bough any as the cost to get 10 of them was like $160. And i now have about 15 for almost no cash at all. So i will slow get these painted up and they will be added into the eldar army.

To fit them into the list i have droped the scorps and falcon and a jet bike, and had to convert my vypers to two shuriken cannons what is fine it sucked them always being my most expencive. So i managed to fit in the night spinner and 10 storm guardians with warlock and wave serpent. So i will now be upto 4 wave serpents and the night spinner just to make it harder for people i play.

Over and out.


  1. nice. can't wait to see them painted

    1. I will probably do them in a few weeks or months. Happy painting marines again when i get board of the RT marines i will go back to my eldar.