Sunday, 19 February 2012

Battlecry Day 2

Game 4:

Vs Sisters, I have played this army before at masters last year so i was familiar with how he played a little. The mission was a strange one every time a unit died around an objective it was worth an extra point. My plan for this was go for the wipe out and contest last turn and win on victory points. His fist plan was to hit my left flank and push me around the table. I countered this first turn and kill his two rhinos with his melta sisters in with not to much work. He shifted his move and turtle up on the objective. Now i have to kill as much as i could and try and contest. He turtled well and i was unable to get though his i think 8-10 rhino wall. And failed to contest at the end. In saying this 80% of my army was still there vs his about 40-50%.

Loss 0 - 3 bonus points.

Game 5:

Vs Space marines, i though i had this in the bag i heavily out gun and can run around marines with out any issues. Mission was the fault here and bad rolling. Game was turn one normal turns 2-5 night fight. I move my army into its kill range of 24" thinking that will be easy to role to get range on him. I was wrong i was getting 2-3 for my night fight ranges for the whole game and my guys just did not feel like doing anything this game. I let him take the win. I should of pulled back and sat and waited and just got a draw out of the game or waited for him to come to me. Mistake i wont make again.

Loss 0 - 0 bonus points.

Game 6:

Vs Slaanesh

Good table and a army my guys love to kill. Table had very little cover and like all deamons they deep strike in and cant do anything. so it was a game of him dropping sqauds in front of me in my 24" bubble and watching they fall over to mass fire. Goal of the mission was kill the other guys HQ and then it would be game over. i left my HQ off the table and he did not come on till turn 4 :-) good boy. He left his hq as far back on the board he could. So my goal was let this one be a draw and turn it into a win by wining by VP and this is how it went. He has 10 deamonnets left and his HQ, i lost my d cannons and one squad of guardians. Easy win for me.

Win 10 - 3 bonus points

Total for the day 54 points.

Overall score 7th place out of 42.

Best place i have been in a long time. This is mainly due to the fact i am not using space marines, dam i love these eldar. GO THE GARDIANS.

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