Thursday, 2 February 2012

Eldar Display Board

Since i am trying to win a paint trophy as i have not won one since 2009 :-(. This will be i think my 4th new army since then and i have put alot of time and cash into this one. Since i have all the nice bases i wanted to do a nice display. I bought some instant mould from Coolmin or not and gave it a try. This stuff is good. to bad the one pack does not go far if you want to make large moulds. So i have been stuck casting one at a time. This is my progress so far and its looking ok its about 2 weeks from battlecry and it looks like i need to cast about 100 of these up. Bugger!!!. That is hard for me with work and the wife and kids but i am detemind to get this done. I will put some updates up when more is complete.

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