Thursday, 2 February 2012

Bloodwing (2011)

This is my Bloodwing, i wanted to remake a new blood angel army but when the 5th ed codex came out i was unhappy with it and could not make up a new list. Then Spacehulk came out with some wonderfull models that i wanted. So the Bloodwing idea came up, also forgeworld also had brought out the MK2b land raider what i was keen to use. I dont normaly use landraiders in my armys but the fit in fine with a Deathwing army. After about 6 months of work i got them finished. They played well even with there old Codex but i did have issues with some of the newer codex fights. These will be played again when the new 6th ed Darkangel codex comes out.

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  1. This army is my boys favorite. They are now hassling me to get them some warhammer 40k :)