Friday, 24 February 2012

Rogue Trader Update

Hello All.

Just an update on what i have been upto, Been working on the Rogue traders since the eldar are finished. Bar what will be a night spinner and squad of storm guardians.

No pic so far of the RT marines as i am going to make you hold out :-), I have one Rhino complete and a squad of marines. Waiting on bases from the US before i take any pics, Also need to order some Transfers from forgeworld and put those on and Matt spray the bunch. They are looking a few times better than the old paint job still slightly rushed and hard to get them looking top due to there age showing compared to 2012 models.

I have also completed 1 MK1 Land speeder there look so 80s, and painted 6 marines at work 2day. Working sunday also so should get my 2nd squad complete.

Looking at my progress i can get a squad done in a weekend at work. So that leave 10 marines left after this weekend, 2 rhinos, 1 land raider, 2 land speeders, 3 attack bikes, 5 jump marines, and a Pred. Ohh a 5 terminators and a Libby.

Getting most of the men done before i jump onto the tanks. But i am trying to complete a who unit at a time with a rhino. So next time i am at work i will be painting up a rhino.


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