Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The new Blog

Hello All

I have been told by many to start writing a blog. My modelling is not just my 40k Warhammer but also my model trains.

I will be starting with most of my model train stuff as it is more complex in the sense of the wiring and work it takes to do something that you think would be simple. 

I have also in many years of working with models trains found it is hard to get good info and you tend to need to fail at things in order to find out how to do it correctly. 

Since my two kids have come along I have limited space in my house so my train layout is gone and plans on starting a new one are in progress. The first plans of that are creating a whole EWS fleet with DCC sound. As most UK train modellers will know in N scale there is little or no sound locos around at present and the ones that do have sound have been converted. This is what I will be blogging about. 

I will also be showing how these conversions occur so that you might be able to try this out.

On the Warhammer 40k side of things I will be blogging about my progress through my armies and the completion of them. At present I have two armies left to complete. This involves a repaint of my Rogue Trader army and my Crimson Fists Army. 

I will also show what I have already done on my past armies.

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