Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Yay new PC at work

My boss got me a new pc at work, yay been annoying him alot for the past 6 months. Work will be alot easier now. This is more a thanks to him for getting it for me, i know i am a pain in the ass.

Cher Boss

Last week of Feb what have i been upto

Hello all.

Nothing much to relly update apart from some items i have come across. Firstly i got my Night spinner made up for my eldar to replace my falcon in my list. I also managed to score some Storm guardians in a big deal i made. The deal is i scored about 2k worth of items to sell and it had a few bits in there i was really after. Storm guardians for a start, GW dont sell this no more dont know why and they sold them in boxes of 8 what was dumb to. So i never bough any as the cost to get 10 of them was like $160. And i now have about 15 for almost no cash at all. So i will slow get these painted up and they will be added into the eldar army.

To fit them into the list i have droped the scorps and falcon and a jet bike, and had to convert my vypers to two shuriken cannons what is fine it sucked them always being my most expencive. So i managed to fit in the night spinner and 10 storm guardians with warlock and wave serpent. So i will now be upto 4 wave serpents and the night spinner just to make it harder for people i play.

Over and out.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Rogue Trader Update

Hello All.

Just an update on what i have been upto, Been working on the Rogue traders since the eldar are finished. Bar what will be a night spinner and squad of storm guardians.

No pic so far of the RT marines as i am going to make you hold out :-), I have one Rhino complete and a squad of marines. Waiting on bases from the US before i take any pics, Also need to order some Transfers from forgeworld and put those on and Matt spray the bunch. They are looking a few times better than the old paint job still slightly rushed and hard to get them looking top due to there age showing compared to 2012 models.

I have also completed 1 MK1 Land speeder there look so 80s, and painted 6 marines at work 2day. Working sunday also so should get my 2nd squad complete.

Looking at my progress i can get a squad done in a weekend at work. So that leave 10 marines left after this weekend, 2 rhinos, 1 land raider, 2 land speeders, 3 attack bikes, 5 jump marines, and a Pred. Ohh a 5 terminators and a Libby.

Getting most of the men done before i jump onto the tanks. But i am trying to complete a who unit at a time with a rhino. So next time i am at work i will be painting up a rhino.


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Battle Cry 2012 Results!!

Rank Player Total Battle Total Sports Total Comp Total Pres Total Sports Army Comp Pres
1 Charlie St Clair 188.56 89 45 22.5 32.06 30 2 19

2 David Dawn 170.75 47 45 45 33.75 30 4 20

3 Mark Buttle 169.25 68 45 22.5 33.75 30 2 20

4 David Wilson 167.37 65 45 33.75 23.62 30 3 14

5 Doug Sainsbury 163.06 77 45 22.5 18.56 30 2 11

6 David Hillier 162.94 51 45 45 21.94 30 4 13

7 Matt Robinson 162.13 53 45 33.75 30.38 30 3 18

8 Robert Power 160.31 63 45 33.75 18.56 30 3 11

9 Andrew Long 160 43 45 45 27 30 4 16

10 Pascal Roggen 159.88 62 45 22.5 30.38 30 2 18

11 Aaron Thompson 159.31 62 45 33.75 18.56 30 3 11

12 Matthew Aggus 158.81 75 45 33.75 5.06 30 3 3

13 Paul Bennett 157.06 53 45 33.75 25.31 30 3 15

14 James Woodward 156.44 49 45 33.75 28.69 30 3 17

15 Patrick Crockett 155.5 43 45 33.75 33.75 30 3 20

16 Chris Ward 153.25 52 45 22.5 33.75 30 2 20

17 Simon Dennerly 150.81 58 40.5 33.75 18.56 27 3 11

18 Daniel Hayden 150.63 55 45 33.75 16.88 30 3 10

19 Dean Oldham 147.94 63 45 11.25 28.69 30 1 17

20 Christian Pride 147.13 41 42 33.75 30.38 28 3 18

21 Daniel Chambers 145.12 54 45 22.5 23.62 30 2 14

22 Stan Ven Der Ham 143.06 39 45 33.75 25.31 30 3 15

23 Aidan Auld 142.94 46 43.5 45 8.44 29 4 5

24 Jonathan Peters 142.63 50 42 33.75 16.88 28 3 10

25 Luke Brimblecombe 141.81 64 43.5 22.5 11.81 29 2 7

26 Michael White 139.44 41 45 45 8.44 30 4 5

27 Thomas Porteous 137.69 40 42 33.75 21.94 28 3 13

28 Ben Harris 136.69 54 45 22.5 15.19 30 2 9

29 Corey Buchanan 136.12 45 45 22.5 23.62 30 2 14

30 Jim Orton 135.87 35 43.5 33.75 23.62 29 3 14

31 Joe Pearson 135.5 50 45 33.75 6.75 30 3 4

32 Adam Parsons 131.56 29 43.5 33.75 25.31 29 3 15

33 Adrian de Klerk 131 32 45 33.75 20.25 30 3 12

34 Adian Holroyd 126.69 23 43.5 45 15.19 29 4 9

35 Ryan Lister 125.81 51 45 11.25 18.56 30 1 11

36 Isaac Nannestad 124.5 39 45 33.75 6.75 30 3 4

37 Jacob Thompson 123.56 33 45 33.75 11.81 30 3 7

38 Matthew Lenton 117.19 39 45 11.25 21.94 30 1 13

39 Fredric Martini 112.19 25 45 33.75 8.44 30 3 5

40 James Hale 110.87 22 45 33.75 10.12 30 3 6

41 Matt Bowmar 107.56 35 45 22.5 5.06 30 2 3

42 Aaron Seth 94.5 27 45 22.5 0 30 2 0

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Battlecry Day 2

Game 4:

Vs Sisters, I have played this army before at masters last year so i was familiar with how he played a little. The mission was a strange one every time a unit died around an objective it was worth an extra point. My plan for this was go for the wipe out and contest last turn and win on victory points. His fist plan was to hit my left flank and push me around the table. I countered this first turn and kill his two rhinos with his melta sisters in with not to much work. He shifted his move and turtle up on the objective. Now i have to kill as much as i could and try and contest. He turtled well and i was unable to get though his i think 8-10 rhino wall. And failed to contest at the end. In saying this 80% of my army was still there vs his about 40-50%.

Loss 0 - 3 bonus points.

Game 5:

Vs Space marines, i though i had this in the bag i heavily out gun and can run around marines with out any issues. Mission was the fault here and bad rolling. Game was turn one normal turns 2-5 night fight. I move my army into its kill range of 24" thinking that will be easy to role to get range on him. I was wrong i was getting 2-3 for my night fight ranges for the whole game and my guys just did not feel like doing anything this game. I let him take the win. I should of pulled back and sat and waited and just got a draw out of the game or waited for him to come to me. Mistake i wont make again.

Loss 0 - 0 bonus points.

Game 6:

Vs Slaanesh

Good table and a army my guys love to kill. Table had very little cover and like all deamons they deep strike in and cant do anything. so it was a game of him dropping sqauds in front of me in my 24" bubble and watching they fall over to mass fire. Goal of the mission was kill the other guys HQ and then it would be game over. i left my HQ off the table and he did not come on till turn 4 :-) good boy. He left his hq as far back on the board he could. So my goal was let this one be a draw and turn it into a win by wining by VP and this is how it went. He has 10 deamonnets left and his HQ, i lost my d cannons and one squad of guardians. Easy win for me.

Win 10 - 3 bonus points

Total for the day 54 points.

Overall score 7th place out of 42.

Best place i have been in a long time. This is mainly due to the fact i am not using space marines, dam i love these eldar. GO THE GARDIANS.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Battle Cry Day 1

Game 1:

Vs orks, good game over all very even though out draw with 4 VP each. Only cool thing with this game is a took out a Nob squad with my guardians Yay.

Out come Draw

9 Points so far. 5 for draw and 4 bonus points.

Game 2:

Vs Gray knights, Land raider with paladins and two take units not much else. This was objective based, it was a ok fight, he played them well but it all fell over for him when the paladins got killed with the D cannons. After that killed his two troop squads and won holding 1-0 objectives.

14 points. 10 for win and 4 bonus points

Games 3:

Vs Space wolfs, this was with a young blood Issac. Had a few games with him in the past his is getting better this was also a good game and he had a good list. 40 marines i had kill so he could not take the objectives. But i setup out of range of his Long fangs and wait for him to walk into my 24" kill range and kill 60% of his army in about 2-3 turns. A few noob mistakes but we all made them once 12hour days can really kill the brain on the last game. Good up and coming player watch out people.

14 points. 10 for win and 4 bonus points

Total day one > 37 out of total possible 45

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Some New Trains

Hello All.

Just a small update, got my package from the UK today with two trains i have been waiting for. EWS class 08 shutter and a EWS Class 33. These Locos are both out of production now and were hard to come by. I can see why the class 08 cost me alot its one nice loco. The 33 is an old 5pole loco from UK graham farish so quite an old one. Dumped out the crappy 5pole chassis and put in a nice new Bachmann farish chassis in. An extra cost but its worth it for better running. The Class 08 is already a Bachmann farish model so it will run like a gem. Also i got my Class 47 EWS about two weeks back i have also done a Chassis swap on that as i hate the 5 pole motors that much.

Class 08

Class 33

Class 47

Pic below is the collection this far, top three on the left have been converted to dcc sound and weathered all others are waiting to be done. At $60US per decoder you can see the cost involved in converting. All i am missing now from the EWS branded locos that where ever produced in N Scale are all made by Dapol. They are a Class 58 Class 87 and Class 67, Only the 58 is rare at present as this is OOP,

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Daddy and Ronon Day out 2/5/2012

Went out to the today one i have been wanting to goto for a while but weather has not been that good for a while. I was told to have a dad/son day with my son Ronon, so i though this would be a good chance. Its about the only Rail thing left in Auckland that me and my son have not done. I think all we have left now is the train into the witaks in Henderson and the trans at Motat. What i will save for another good day. This day out was better than expected sun was out when we got there it was bigger and there where more trains there than i thought. We had about 12 rides on different trains at only $2 a ride whats a deal Ronon loved it. There was about 10+ trains there that day with a mix of steam and diesel, even if you are not really into trains and have kids this could easy be a cheap family day out and alot of fun. 

Eldar Board Base coated

Managed to get the board painted black last night ready for detail. Sprayed the plaster with some cheap black spray and used black house paint on the wood as i find spray paint on wood don't look very black. On to detail tomorrow had a long sleep last night to recover on the sleepless nights over the past few months so all energized and ready to do some painting.

Eldar Board Finished ready to paint

Some how i managed to get most of Saturday to finish this, don't know how my wife was being nice and let me do it. I think she wanted to get the house clean and rid of all the plaster crap around the house. After about 6 hours of plastering and cutting and chopping i got it finished. Yay more time to paint it now.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Eldar Display Board update

I have two week left to complete this. I still have a bit to go, this is about two weeks work of casting. This also needs to be painted so my goal is to get it all made within the next week.

My N scale Locos

This is my collection of my locos. Enjoy

Class 60 EWS DCC sound Conversion N scale

This is my Class 60 that i have completed and like the Class 37 i will be doing some videos soon. Also weathered, ask any questions if you are looking at converting one of these the Class 60 was a very hard convert. 

Class 37 EWS with DCC sound Conversion N scale

Hello All

This is my Class 37 i have not done a step by step on this one but here are the pix of the completed version. Any questions please ask. Also this has been weathered and is complete. I will be uploading some videos of this shortly so you can hear the complete item. Converting takes alot of time but the end when the loco is running with sound on a layout is ace and why i do it.

Class 31 EWS DCC sound conversion N Scale

 Hello all.

This post is going to show you how to convert a DC graham farish calls 31 to DCC sound. If you have any questions please just comment or email me.

First pull the whole model apart and just get the main chassis mark out the size of the decoder as we are going to need to do some cutting. Also note i use digitraxx SDN144PS these cost about $40US.

This is how it will look complete with the two sides together with the bit cut out of it. try and cut as deep as you can so when the decoder is placed there it is almost level with the rest of the chassis. Also at the same time solder on the wires to the motors and put the body back together when you are happy with how the decoder fit.

Next we need to grind out the inside of the windows to allow the speaker box to fit all the way to the roof. Also the same needs to be done on the other end so the decoder can fit in Next the side windows on the side where the box is going be needs to be removed and a piece of clear tape put in there place. Later we will use PVA glue to make new windows. This needs to be done due to the width of the speaker box. You need to use a speaker box so you can get good sound out of the 10mm speaker if you dont you wont be able to hear anything when running.

Next we need to put the speaker in the speaker box drill a small hole in the back for the wires to come out and sand down two side of the speaker till they fit nicely into the loco body.

Now we can fit the decoder onto the chassis and wire up the motor and tape the decoder down so it does not move. Also the Capacitor for the speaker needs to be glued under the decoder as shown, make sure you check the clearance on the bogies for free movement but you should have plenty of room.

Next we wire up the speaker give yourself a ok length of wire so the shell can be removed from the chassis if needed. And now wire up the main track power wires to the chassis, i drill wholes and use small screw to solder to i find this the easiest way than trying to cram wires between the body screws and they wont come lose and fall off.And then glue the speaker into the body.

Last but not least put the body on and make sure if fits nice. This loco is not complete still need to weather but i have given the model its matt base coat. Also i have PVA the windows so there is no hole there.