Monday, 4 June 2012

Nicon 2012

Hello All.

Not posted in a while, life has been to crazy, went to Nicon on the weekend. Its was a small tournament i think only about 25-30. Most of the field were the normal guys you see, at this point it was my 4th tournament this year and after a crazy 2days with the family before i was not really that keen to play for 2days and was thinking of not going at all. As far as playing going i should of not bothered at least half my games i could not be fucked with and just wanted to get them over and done with and onto the next one. In the end i think i came like 22nd easy bottom 3rd. I think one of my worst ranks in a few years. Only thing what made it feel like not a complete waste of time and money is. I won the raffle so might be able to sell the crappy board game i got to pay for my loss cash for a crap tournament and won best painting so i can finally stop really playing 40k altogether. Yes i hate tournaments and only go to them to win best painted. I have won this twice for two different army's, i am now just going to focus more on painting and no more building army's and just paint the models i like and want to paint and enjoy painting again not just always trying to rush to get army's finished in time. I know my paint work is twice as good as what i put on the table at these tournaments due to always in a rush to get things finished.

Hope you enjoyed that, So over all a very very crap 4day weekend.


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