Tuesday, 19 June 2012

I was board so i posted

Not much of the front of trains or warhammer, the kids bdays and major bills have taken all my cash and time. Been working away at the Rogue traders still and yes you wont get any pics for a while. Just waiting on my order from slave to painting so i can start work on a model i am doing for the wife's mum. Going to be trying some new skills i want to try and pick up on this so i will put pics up of this.

Did not win any cool stuff from Slave to painting for my titan likely due due to it not being any further complete than it was a few months back. I hope i get my base soon, my base maker is very busy with a new BF and uni so i have to be a good boy and wait or i get no epic cool base in the end. :-)


  1. not busy with BF. uni sees to that :'(. the most we get to do at the moment is study next to each other at uni. also, i have 1500 points of eldar keeping me busy at the moment too :p. however, your base is coming for a ride down to wellington in a couple of weeks so i can work on it in my free time, and after that, i have a whole week of nothing but getting your base done, with the occasional stops to eat and nap for a few minutes

    1. I wont let you eat and sleep that is not permitted!!! Whip Whip Whip!!!