Thursday, 8 March 2012

RIP Nana Robo

My dear old Nana past away this morning, a sad day for my family. I have not really seen her in about 18years due to being in NZ and she in the UK. She had been over once since i have been here but i did not spend much time with her. And since then she has not been in a fit state to come back. I am just happy she got to see one of my Kids before she past away. Me and the wife and kids where planing to go back in 2013 and it would of been good to see her.

I hope my Dad will be ok, he has missed her and he trys to get back as much as he can. I know if he could he would of been there.

Hart goes out to all the Robos out there we will miss you Nana Robo.

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