Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Revenant Titan Wip

Hello All.

Just bought a Revenant Titan and its on its way. Should get it 2day and i can wait to have a look at the thing. Got some big plans for it so i hope they turn out. I know i will be upto the painting side the putting it together will be the hard side. I need to get it all pinned and i am keen to magnetise it so i can try and fit it in some 2" foam trays i have. I have also asked Claire from Cityguard to make me one of her awesome bases so i should be able to get a wip from her on this also. For the base i have to wait for a 120mm base from my main base supplier in the US Dragon forge should get this next week with also some base for my rouge traders. I managed to get this titan for a good deal $250nz inc shipping. Forgeworld price is 185 pounds so a good 40% saving and this modem is brand new.

I got the one with sonic lancers below. The one with the pulsars is there so you can see the size diffence between a basic guardian.

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