Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The present for my Wifes Mum

Hello All.

I have had a set of terrain to paint for the club for a while and i like the marine so much i went out and bought me one to. I still have the terrain to paint for the club but that will be just a fast spray black and dry brush i will get around to it. But my wifes mum wanted something i have painted, and i just could not let any of my completed work go so i bought this for here. I would never use it as terrain and i though it would look nice for her to put somewhere in the house.

On top of that i though i would try out a few new skills i wanted to try out. So i did what they call salt weathering. I failed to take some step steps of that part but it was spray black, spray model with hair spray while wet sprinkle Rock salt all over the place. Wait for the hair spray to dray and then spray with your base color with air brush or spray can. And once that is all dry give it a good 24h get a old tooth brush and brush all the salt off and you get this.

After a few hours detailing i am upto this point

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